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Filling in this form is a request for permission to try out a limited run trial of RasterFratz. If you have given complete information and you are approved, you will be sent a second instruction e-mail, usually later in the day. The demo is a full working sample of the program, and is only limited in the number of times that you can use it.

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 Examples include Corel, Streamline, R2V, Wintopo, etc.

To use RasterFratz, you must have a CNC  mill, router, plasma, laser, waterjet, EDM machine.
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If you are having trouble submitting the form, it is because your Norton Anti Virus or other internet security program settings will not allow scripts to run, which prevents you from submitting the demo request form. Adjust the settings to a level that allows you to submit your name and contact information, and you will be able to request the demo download instructions.
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