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Macro Tool Bar Pro,
MTB PRO $50.    
Add script programming and command line to Vector

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Macro Tool Bar Pro is a stand alone application that allows the user to program the Vector interface through simulated key strokes.  A complex sequence is executed by a single MTB button press.

MTB Pro also works through the Vector DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) server.  The DDE server is an optional part of Vector and MTB Pro will function with either setup.

The program is available by internet download as a 60 day full working demo and may be purchased on-line at the link at the left, or by contacting the IMService office.

Summary of functions in MTB Pro:

  • Inch or Metric mode

  • Unlimited file size

  • 40 Programmable buttons

  • Easy to learn basic like language

  • Automate repetitive operations with repeat operation and single button execution of many Vector menu commands.

  • Create customized drawing and NC code processes that save you time going from drawing to program.

  • Design family of parts applications to create the custom geometry through parameter input of length , width, height, toolpaths, etc.

  • All Vector Cad and Cam menus can be accessed, as well as Notepad.

  • Supports numeric and text variables

  • Conditional branching : If-Then-Else

  • Unconditional branching : Goto

  • Loops

  • Subroutines and sub macro branching

  • User input with default and multiple prompts dialog

  • Advanced math parser provides fast and complex math routines

  • Macro text can be encrypted and password protected to allow developer distribution

  • Comments

  • Color highlighted editor with copy-paste, direct execution

  • Draw point, line, arc entities directly with short commands

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