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DeskCNC support discussions

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DeskCNC support forum statusSupport04-23-07  12:02 pm
DeskCNC troubleshooting DocumentSupport12-01-06  12:55 pm
Rotary machining setup questionSupport11-01-06  08:20 am
Axis moving improperlyEd Rees11-01-06  08:09 am
Solved the incorrect axis moving problemEd Rees11-01-06  08:08 am
Linear-rotary problemEd Rees11-01-06  08:06 am
Stuck in plasma mode!Support11-01-06  07:52 am
Home and limit switches?Support10-31-06  04:54 pm
DeskCNC vs VectorXTSupport10-31-06  05:29 pm
MAXNCSupport10-31-06  05:33 pm
Lead differanceSupport11-21-06  11:29 am
Second generation problemsvincent seabourne10-15-06  06:17 pm
Homing with N/O switches using LimitSupport10-15-06  06:26 pm
COntrolling Dewalt router with on IMSRV CNC RouterDavid Da Costa10-15-06  07:41 pm
Setting z coordinates in scriptBert Bergami10-15-06  01:58 pm
Pitch for 2.8 to 1 reducersSupport10-15-06  01:13 pm
NON MODAL POST PROCESSORSSupport10-15-06  01:16 pm
DeskCNC controller output current?Support09-20-06  04:50 pm
Digital readout?Support09-20-06  03:58 pm
DesignCAD, Accutrans, and DeskCNCPatrick meloy09-20-06  02:40 pm
Frequent servo faultsSupport09-20-06  05:07 pm
Older servo driver boards max currentSupport09-20-06  02:46 pm
IMService Router Homing ProblemRyan Cook09-28-06  10:31 am
Gear ratio spec?Peter Jensen08-17-06  10:31 am
Flash Chip Failure.Igor Stroev08-17-06  10:31 am
2D Probe ScanningRyan Cook08-17-06  10:30 am
Two problemsSupport08-04-06  11:31 am
Spindle Control w/SYS3a ControllerEcubilla Javier Marc08-01-06  03:03 am
Tool Change ScriptDennis Offner07-26-06  12:43 pm
Pointcloud file format questionDave Gabry07-25-06  11:42 pm
Home script questionsSupport07-24-06  05:38 pm
Home script questionSupport07-20-06  12:43 pm
Controller shut down with servo faultDennis Offner07-20-06  03:02 pm
Need help setting TLOAnonymous07-12-06  11:08 am
"input test failed 223" message?David Koizumi07-13-06  07:48 pm
Jog pendantSean Hilliard07-11-06  08:39 am
Cable - Encoder Support07-11-06  09:42 am
Z axis zero shiftSupport07-11-06  09:13 am
G65 sub routineDennis Offner07-05-06  07:56 pm
Sherline mill and gecko drive setupSupport07-06-06  09:12 am
New DeskCNC version 2.171Stephen Kostelak10 08-03-06  07:48 pm
Start Pin FunctionSupport06-19-06  11:31 am
Aux outputsSupport06-19-06  11:28 am
Dfx to dnc conversionSupport06-12-06  10:36 am
CAD/CAM Problemsteve gourlay08-10-06  03:02 am
Adding Coolant to Sherline 2000Dave Friske06-29-06  02:49 pm
How do I get rid of the auto generated X0 Y0 line at the end of gco...Support06-12-06  10:38 am
Help setting up a sherline rotary table Support06-25-06  02:19 pm
360 LINE ENCODERSDennis Offner06-02-06  03:38 pm
CNC turret Punch machineSupport06-08-06  09:35 am
When is the Alt G feature coming back?richard thompson06-02-06  12:58 pm
Using probe for generating a lathe profileSupport05-25-06  09:24 am
ProbingSupport05-24-06  06:01 pm
DeskCNC user manual.Support05-24-06  05:39 pm
Finding out what latest DeskCNC version is.terry gaston05-22-06  08:29 pm
Biggest Machine on DeskCNC?C. Barry Ward05-31-06  10:33 pm
Application error at startupSupport06-20-06  06:49 pm
Couple of bugsSupport06-12-06  11:45 am
G83 - strange behaviourSupport05-12-06  03:53 pm
DeskCNC control problemsLou 05-10-06  06:01 pm
Speed of Keypressed / Mouse Clicks - JOGGINGSupport05-17-06  01:32 pm
Updated to 057, now controller not detectedrichard thompson05-12-06  01:03 pm
Further problemsSupport05-06-06  12:06 pm
Lathe X axis not repeatingSupport05-06-06  11:48 am
Encoder mismatch continuedSupport05-06-06  11:52 am
Encoder questionSupport05-06-06  12:15 pm
Desktop CNC RouterStuart Heinrichs10 05-11-06  10:44 am
Unusual startup problemLarry Lankston04-24-06  08:34 pm
DeskCNC lathe post processor for Vector-camSupport10 06-08-06  03:49 pm
New Router communicationJohn Baker04-23-06  01:34 pm
Jog wheel control in deskcncC. Barry Ward11 05-12-06  07:09 am
Problem with ThreadingSupport11 05-11-06  08:51 am
Feedrates ... I'm missing something ....Support04-14-06  01:27 pm
Servo fault, lathe Z axis failureSupport04-10-06  03:07 pm
Solid state relay for spindle on - offSupport04-10-06  04:27 pm
Lots of great infoGordon Collins04-18-06  05:06 pm
Lathe Threading FG4L updateSupport03-03-06  06:12 pm
Spindle speed displaySupport03-03-06  11:52 am
Stepper cogs when joggingSupport05-06-06  12:40 pm
Using Serial to USB AdaptorSupport02-27-06  04:32 pm
Axis A setupSupport02-27-06  08:32 am
Cursor in mdi lineSupport02-27-06  07:49 am
Thread programmingSupport02-24-06  10:17 am
Cutting directionBen Harker02-22-06  04:30 am
Thread Cutting ProblemSupport03-03-06  08:11 am
Tapered FormsSupport02-27-06  07:44 am
4X jumper questionMike02-10-06  04:27 pm
G83Support02-10-06  02:25 pm
Program stops at line 697bud bosak10 02-27-06  05:29 pm
Crash on closing deskcncrichard thompson02-25-06  03:14 pm
Drill cycle time estimation?richard thompson02-11-06  06:48 pm
X and Y faultingSupport02-05-06  02:37 pm
Lost time due to Plunge Rate. Support02-07-06  11:38 am
Wiring for enable pins on driver boardSupport02-05-06  04:42 pm
Controller malfunction?Support02-05-06  02:27 pm
Forum working again for DeskCNC supportFred Smith01-27-06  03:57 pm
Axis pulsingSupport01-17-06  04:22 pm
Having trouble cutting a threadSupport01-17-06  09:25 am
Please help me figure out what I am doing wrong.P O'D 01-31-06  08:38 am
Terms of useSupport01-16-06  04:13 pm
Upgraded from to and having problemSupport01-16-06  01:04 pm
Drilling holesBert Bergami01-13-06  12:28 pm
Problem with first G20 or G21 command causing a move in XYZ when on...Support01-16-06  07:31 am
Pin connectors on 2nd Gen BoardTim K.01-09-06  12:52 pm
Newbie questionsTrent Busch01-04-06  02:39 pm
Trouble cutting a radius with your systembud bosak01-14-06  06:02 pm
New user; setting up DeskCNC controller & softwareKhalique Rehman01-03-06  02:57 pm
Which Post Processor for Mach3?Support01-02-06  12:28 pm
Tapered x or y can it be done ?Mike F. Stott01-03-06  10:07 pm
Taig Microproto 2000 stepper motor valuesSupport10 12-28-05  05:34 pm
Circular InterpolationSupport12-26-05  05:22 pm
Axis problemSupport12-31-05  10:19 am
Rendered View is Missing?Bob Lombardi12-22-05  11:21 am
WAIT LIMITSWITCH HIT............Support19 12-16-05  08:39 am
Home positionJohn Johnson12-14-05  07:37 am
Add textJohn Johnson12-12-05  04:29 pm
EMI shielding advice for Sherline-Kit 3 system?Paul Low12-08-05  11:22 am
Latest versionCos Amato12-08-05  03:21 am
STL FilesSupport12-06-05  08:25 pm
Sherline 5400 Mill- Gen1 Controller - DeskCNC - Machine SetupSupport12-02-05  09:08 pm
Hi Fred, Scanning QuestionSupport12-10-05  05:50 pm
Scanning a part and making a female moldSupport12-01-05  08:01 am
Problem with fileSupport13 11-30-05  06:49 pm
Trouble with probingBelli Button12-01-05  03:31 pm
Datasheet Pittman servos neededSupport11-27-05  05:13 pm
Updateing new buildsSupport11-27-05  05:05 pm
No Problem - just good feedback.Paul Low11-21-05  01:23 pm
Dual X AxisSupport11-18-05  09:14 am
Is limit terminal broken in  07:36 am
G02 arcs are not executed if starting coordinates end on an odd fou...Alex Okun12-03-05  07:12 pm
What causes Syntax errors and command timeouts?alvaro fogassa11 11-13-05  12:11 pm
Found italvaro fogassa11-11-05  09:26 am
Deskcnc setup help filesSupport11-11-05  11:13 am
Good progress but...Support12 11-11-05  06:35 pm
Fg4l softwareWayne Hill12-06-05  11:17 am
Servo faults, not very high cutting loadSupport11-08-05  08:05 am
Z axis does not traverse at the correct speed.John Johnson23 12-27-05  08:01 am
Post.cfg Where is info on this?Support11-07-05  04:05 pm
DeskCnc, Geckos and FaultsBert Bergami11-14-05  04:32 pm
Odd lights and no motor controlSean Hilliard11-07-05  08:31 pm
Setting up Controller board and software?james crafton03-17-06  12:10 pm
Entry and Exit cuts not working properly?Mike Smithson10 11-02-05  12:15 pm
Post Processor Setup Before Move featureterry gaston10-24-05  06:35 pm
M5 and m3 commandsGary Davison10-25-05  04:03 pm
Unable to preserve entities relationshipsVan Lupo10-21-05  08:44 am
Newbie asking questions regarding hardwareSupport10-21-05  07:43 am
Motor twitches once, no movementAndrew Pullin10-19-05  02:49 am
Servos stop working while program still runsDavid Sharonowitz10-15-05  07:44 pm
Correct DeskCNC Post to use in VisualMill / RhinoCAMPete Brown10-03-05  01:52 pm
Controller ProblemGarry Johnson10-20-05  08:18 am
Step sizeSupport10-03-05  09:47 am
Help with DeskCNC set upBrad Garska09-17-05  06:12 pm
DeskCNC and HobbyCNCMike F. Stott10-03-05  09:17 am
Deskcnc connection to fm100 frequency drive?richard thompson09-11-05  07:27 am
Home switchesHarold 09-10-05  07:51 pm
Limit switch hitBelli Button09-04-05  03:33 pm
Controller not detected - Port settings?Support08-28-05  02:23 pm
Localize problem???Support08-26-05  10:49 am
Grounding questionSupport08-17-05  08:46 pm
G83 QUESTIONAlex Okun08-20-05  04:09 pm
G92 support in simulation display?Support10-01-05  06:54 pm
EngravingJeremy Budgen08-26-05  03:57 pm
Engraving Support08-10-05  07:56 am
DeskCNC input/outputBelli Button08-07-05  04:43 am
OFFSETSupport08-03-05  08:23 am
Engraving Support07-30-05  11:17 am
Tool path displaySupport08-16-05  04:41 pm
Button LablesPaul Levesque07-20-05  05:32 pm
.jpeg imagestony psimer07-20-05  12:09 pm
Spindle on/off with M03??Kenneth Cardolino07-19-05  02:41 pm
Esprit Post ProcessorDavid Strader07-17-05  08:17 pm
A2Z CNC Extended X Table for SherlineAlex Okun07-16-05  04:41 pm
HEEEELLLPSupport07-17-05  07:42 pm
Inconsistant moves on X, Y, and ZDavid Strader10 07-09-05  10:49 pm
DriftingSupport17 07-08-05  01:14 am
Relays will not workVan Gilpin11-17-05  09:09 pm
Machine stops in programSupport06-30-05  03:24 pm
1st generation Contrler/Driver boardSupport06-28-05  06:43 pm
Unable to cut a proper threadSupport45 02-21-06  10:19 am
Faceted Circular InterpolationsSupport12 06-30-05  05:14 pm
DeskCNC does not run on my PCSupport06-30-05  06:24 am
Pocketing - EngravingSupport06-27-05  08:04 am
At a complete lose and don't know what to do nextDavid Strader06-26-05  09:03 pm
Controller not found - a new twistSupport06-21-05  08:39 pm
Installing DeskCNC Board Inside ComputerSupport06-21-05  08:48 pm
Out of MemorySupport06-18-05  01:22 pm
Deskwinapi ProgrammingAnthony Hull06-22-05  02:20 am
Best Windows Version to Run DeskCNC onSupport06-17-05  12:25 pm
Using G02 and G03 on same cut out.RICHARD VALITES12 06-15-05  09:30 pm
Electronic home switch?David Pilbeam06-26-05  07:39 pm
Bugs in Machine Configuration dialogSupport13 10-17-05  10:31 am
Toolchange / toolsetterSupport06-08-05  04:07 pm
Pocketing - EngravingSupport06-07-05  07:50 am
DeskCNC in a box, used with Sherline Driver boxSupport06-04-05  11:41 am
Setting up DeskCNCSupport05-06-06  12:20 pm
Please help with simple DXF contourCharles Baker05-30-05  02:49 am
Minimum Z step sizeJeff briggs05-28-05  05:24 pm
I looked on the forum and I was unable to find anything on there to...Justin Hirsch05-31-05  04:30 pm
Program run in straight lineSupport05-27-05  08:29 am
Lathe encoder kit questionsSupport05-27-05  09:29 am
Using TP100 probe with systems other than DeskCNCSupport05-20-05  07:40 am
Newbie's questions..David Pilbeam15 06-02-05  01:13 am
Homing using Limit SwitchesSupport05-16-05  10:26 am
Servo vibrationPeter Hertrick05-14-05  11:27 am
Backing Off from Limit SwitchSupport05-14-05  11:06 am
Lost 10,000ths place when jogging by .001Support05-16-05  06:26 pm
Z axis - how to handle backlash that is different +Z vs -ZPete Brown05-14-05  10:19 pm
Files too bigtony psimer05-13-05  04:24 pm
Servo FaultsPeter Hertrick10 05-14-05  11:34 am
Probing tutorialSupport05-10-05  02:44 pm
Question Regarding Machine Axis Set Up Support05-10-05  10:25 am
Still driftingaustin barnett13 05-14-05  05:23 pm
Modifying the current Z to something other than zero in DeskCNC?Pete Brown05-10-05  08:51 am
Driftingtony psimer05-08-05  02:19 pm
Faulting axisSupport05-09-05  10:04 am
Questions about how ring machining worksPete Brown05-09-05  12:20 pm
Rotary Axis Globe Motor Adapter Plate I madePete Brown05-06-05  10:21 pm
Sv 500 wiring diagramSupport05-05-05  11:54 am
DeskCNC builds 2.113-2.121 possible driftingSupport18 05-05-05  08:08 pm
GO - NEXT buttonMogens Hansen05-04-05  05:46 am
How to use DeskCNC backlash compensation?RICHARD VALITES05-03-05  08:29 am
Limit switchesSupport05-01-05  01:52 pm
Lose steps same place tony psimer09-14-05  12:27 pm
Servo not movingSupport22 10-13-05  08:24 am
Pendulum style of machiningJeremy Budgen04-24-05  01:27 pm
Engraving letter sizeSupport04-21-05  05:24 pm
Limit Switches Ignored...Terry S. Creasy04-21-05  10:08 pm
DeskCNC Lathe contouringSupport07-11-06  09:23 am
Does anyone else have to do this?austin barnett04-14-05  02:44 am
DeskCNC crashes with AIT's Catalyst 5.4 driverAlex Okun04-20-05  10:54 pm
Lead Screw TPI QuestionDavid Strader04-03-05  04:36 pm
Lathe Threading with DeskCNCSupport04-12-05  04:20 pm
Min step pulseaustin barnett12 04-09-05  03:36 am
Quick question on ->probe tip diameterChris B03-30-05  07:26 pm
3d probing Z axis problem.Chris B03-28-05  09:15 pm
Stl FilesJeremy Budgen03-25-05  06:44 am
CommandTimedOutSupport07-14-05  08:55 am
DeskCNC EngravingRon Mighell03-23-05  04:26 pm
Emstop in middle of fileJim Strickland11 03-25-05  12:31 am
What to buySupport04-01-05  11:44 am
WiringSupport22 04-01-05  11:47 am
Engraving questionsSupport03-17-05  08:15 am
Controllling Mist with Keyboardterry gaston03-10-05  04:28 am
Inverted EStop 2nd Gen. Controller (ver  11:01 am
Parts tabsMike Fredricks03-11-05  10:01 pm
Contour feature contours twice at last depthJeff briggs05-28-05  05:16 pm
Dxf images/filesDavid Dixon03-05-05  04:56 pm
Feed rate overrideSupport11 04-10-06  05:01 pm
Eagle Software With DeskCNCBelli Button03-01-05  03:31 pm
G30 causes machine motion on file loadKirk Creelman02-28-05  02:55 pm
Controller not detected (again)Trever Lee15 03-09-05  09:45 pm
Motor stalls in one directionBelli Button02-26-05  02:46 pm
LetteringSupport02-26-05  01:39 pm
Plasma projectrichard thompson03-03-05  08:30 am
Plunging without tool chatterterry gaston10 02-25-05  01:34 pm
Big time problems.......dylan steward02-22-05  01:08 pm
Can't get startedSupport02-21-05  09:43 am
Tweaking Tool Change in Post Processor SetupSupport02-20-05  04:19 pm
Default Tool Change Macro and Variable #0 (ver  02:57 pm
TLO Removed from NC File Preview (ver  01:56 pm
G-Code Variables (ver  01:10 pm
Homingdwight23 02-21-05  08:57 pm
Simulation of code with subroutines goes past M02Darrell02-18-05  08:47 am
Restarting Machine After M00 or M01 Through HardwareDarrell02-20-05  05:03 pm
G-Code Variables (  12:06 pm
Start From Line... command question.terry gaston02-15-05  12:54 pm
Directly Settting Tool Offsets Using G92Darrell02-20-05  02:32 pm
Probe/limit switch input problemsAlex Lait02-15-05  10:35 pm
Turning coolant / mist on and offJeremy Budgen02-18-05  02:55 am
Knocking Head against wallSupport02-14-05  08:10 am
Fast jog will not go over 5000spsSupport02-13-05  02:54 pm
New memberSupport02-12-05  01:37 pm
Is there a pendant?Support11 02-28-05  05:15 pm
Tool compensation for countour functionterry gaston02-12-05  06:19 pm
Directly Setting Tool OffsetsDarrell22 02-15-05  03:08 pm
4th axis position limit?richard thompson02-09-05  11:38 am
DeskWinAPI for C++?Alex Okun02-07-05  06:29 pm
Problem with G03 in this file..richard thompson28 03-03-05  07:55 am
Changing Jogging Speed from Keyboardrichard thompson02-11-05  07:50 am
Tool Change Problems (Ver  11:41 am
Gen 2 E-stopSupport02-05-05  09:56 am
-8000 count encoder?Support02-06-05  08:02 am
Holding Torque?Support02-05-05  10:06 am
Machine axis ratiosSupport02-04-05  06:15 pm
Pocketingvincent 02-06-05  06:56 am
Acceleration settings?Edward Rees02-02-05  11:34 pm
Switching on relaysJeremy Budgen01-31-05  11:47 pm
Version 1 issues and user experiences?RICHARD VALITES01-30-05  10:51 am
G83 errorGary Davison01-28-05  05:10 pm
Cannot get software to recognize boardSupport02-10-05  08:40 am
Premature stopping/ Controller not found issues.Support01-25-05  12:12 pm
Convert from Sherline & EMCRon Mighell12 03-16-05  10:58 pm
Help cutting pullySupport01-23-05  03:11 pm
My? homing problemsRalf Grohmann01-22-05  04:54 am
Steps per 360 degrees for servosSupport02-02-05  07:26 am
Maximum speed problem with SV-500 boardDerek Hawkins01-31-05  09:59 pm
Erratic faulting of driversSupport02-02-05  09:42 am
Setting Z Axis to heigth of workpiece. (newbie question)Support01-18-05  08:08 pm
Rotary indexingSupport01-24-05  05:50 pm
PWM to 0-12 V DC output converter.Paul Levesque01-17-05  01:11 am
Servo fault on all axisSupport01-16-05  07:21 am
Controller not detected problems resolved.terry gaston01-14-05  05:56 am
Reprogram control boardGary Davison01-13-05  09:29 pm
Independant Rotary AxisTim Leech01-14-05  07:11 am
Power Supply QuestionSupport01-12-05  06:35 am
Operating system.Tim Leech11 01-25-05  11:55 am
Restricting tarcs o quadrantsChris Cartwright01-10-05  03:15 pm
Servo driver card problem?Jim Strickland01-10-05  11:55 pm
Using Probe to DigitizeJoe M. Sabine01-09-05  09:46 am
Demo modeSupport01-09-05  08:50 am
V2 board connections and G-code importationSupport01-07-05  12:37 pm
More Problems with Controller Not Detectedrichard thompson01-08-05  11:31 am
Help need for new desk cnc user!Donald Clifton15 01-08-05  09:58 pm
Rotary Post-ProcessorBob Lombardi01-08-05  04:20 pm
Much more trouble when continuing starting up with controller v1Ralf Grohmann24 01-29-05  11:28 am
Probe will not stop when contacting an objectRon thompson11 08-24-05  04:36 pm
Lathe threading cycle.Support12-30-04  09:13 am
PWM Speed control.Belli Button15 01-17-05  02:42 pm
Turningvincent 12-29-04  04:17 pm
Home ScriptSeldon T Foote29 03-19-06  12:06 pm
Trouble starting with controler v1Ralf Grohmann01-01-05  06:57 am
Subroutines and LoopingRon thompson01-04-05  07:54 am
Pocketing problemsChris Cartwright12-29-04  04:29 am
Max amp load before triprichard thompson12-27-04  09:49 am
Lathe Module???Support12-19-04  09:18 pm
SuccessMike Fredricks12-19-04  08:10 pm
Second generation controler not detectedMartin kaye12-19-04  03:42 pm
First time Start Up Routineterry gaston12-16-04  04:20 pm
DESKCNC PROBLEM / BUG V201James A Morgan12-17-04  11:37 pm
DeskCNC V2.0.1Gary Davison12-15-04  01:56 pm
Repeat Startrichard thompson12-17-04  07:13 am
Controller not detected problem.terry gaston12-16-04  12:27 pm
Questions when machining my first DXFSupport12-15-04  07:58 am
GcodesSupport12-15-04  06:16 pm
Sherline Resettable Zero Handwheels on DeskCNC Kit 3 terry gaston12-15-04  04:15 am
Cant find controllerDonald Clifton10 05-09-05  12:24 pm
How is G83 cycle retract distance specified?Alex Okun12-07-04  05:58 pm
Feedrate slider backwards?richard thompson12 12-07-04  07:07 am
Error when going to machine mode.Support11-30-04  06:40 am
Controller startup questions - CheetahSupport26 05-17-05  07:02 am
Status light on SV-500Support11-26-04  04:27 pm
Ebl terminal on SV-500Support11-20-04  11:02 am
Cycle Start TerminalAlex Okun11-18-04  10:24 pm
Odd program stopSupport11-22-04  01:04 pm
A AxisTim Leech11-16-04  03:41 pm
Adapter Cable from HEDS EncoderSupport11-15-04  08:30 am
PCB DrillingSupport11-15-04  08:33 am
Random floating counter on A axisEdward Rees11-14-04  02:02 pm
Questions?Support15 12-10-04  02:58 pm
Controller Construcion QuestionsDavid Koizumi12-10-04  12:37 pm
DeskCNC Operating ManualSupport11-08-04  08:37 am
Distance moved is off with sherline 2000 mill and kit 3.Alex Okun11-15-04  02:15 pm
Using TP-100 for zeroing X/Y on a fixture?Alex Okun11-15-04  11:03 pm
Size in deskcncSupport14 11-05-04  10:52 am
Interfacing with qaud encoder?richard thompson10-31-04  07:28 am
Help with engraving?Support10-30-04  11:52 am
G-Code that will allow linear interpolation of Z during XY G02 arcEd Miles10-30-04  08:44 pm
Probing with 2nd gen Controller boardSupport10-22-04  11:30 am
Fuse size for DeskCNC with 4 axis / Mill-Lathe switchAlex Okun11-15-04  10:25 pm
Deskcnc will not run Support10-25-04  12:15 pm
Appending DNC files produced by DeskCNCDavid McQuie10-21-04  09:16 am
What is the power consumption of the Control board?Paul Levesque10-17-04  02:16 pm
Helical InterpolationAlex Okun10-13-04  04:54 pm
Which motor to use with Sherline rotary table (reducer or no)Alex Okun10-13-04  04:56 pm
A axis issuerichard thompson10-13-04  10:22 am
Home and Limit switches with closed loop servo kitSupport10-12-04  06:07 pm
5 volt to 1 volt converterTerry Jupp10-11-04  03:58 pm
DeskCNC new infoCliff Suttle10-16-04  02:07 pm
Second gen cont questionsSupport10-11-04  09:08 am
Eratic tool pathSupport10-12-04  09:10 am
2nd Gen. board E-Stop QuestionDavid WIlson10-10-04  08:34 am
Help with setting new sv-500 with 2nd gen controller boardSupport10-03-04  11:35 am
How many cutsvincent 10-03-04  02:57 pm
Starting up SV-500Support09-30-04  11:46 am
Tool Table for manual changes?Kenneth Cardolino09-28-04  06:58 am
Modify Acceleration Ramp in DeskCNCPete Brown09-28-04  12:33 pm
New option in machine setup: program with inverted EStopBelli Button03-08-05  03:11 pm
What's up with software versions and the WhatsNew.txt file?Paul Levesque09-27-04  02:32 pm
Firmware updatesSupport09-27-04  02:16 pm
Computer problemsMassimo Giovannetti09-21-04  06:29 pm
Contuour: CW and CCW in the same G-code fileKen Gracey09-20-04  07:45 pm
OK button missing in Setup / Post Processor SetupKen Gracey09-20-04  06:42 pm
Lathe equivalent of DeskCNCSupport09-20-04  08:33 am
DeskCNC with FlashCutSupport09-19-04  08:59 pm
More on servo faultingPete Brown09-28-04  12:35 pm
What is DeskCNC supposed to do when a servo faults?Ralf Grohmann17 12-31-04  11:29 am
Access Violation when Saving G Code for STL FilePete Brown13 09-27-04  11:33 am
New 120000 sps controller ?Support14 02-07-06  11:45 am
Measuring a cam profileTim Leech09-17-04  04:16 am
Version stopping in the middle of run.Support09-17-04  05:03 pm
HelpSupport11 09-16-04  07:26 pm
DESKCNC V2.0.0.82 QUESTIONS / PROBLEMSJames A Morgan09-09-04  06:01 pm
DeskCNC and lost com portseric cars09-09-04  11:35 am
Display spikes in tool pathsJeremy Budgen09-07-04  01:09 am
M97 M98 and M99 codesSupport09-07-04  09:04 am
Tool Change .CFG File writingJeremy Budgen09-07-04  01:04 am
Font Changing Out Of The BlueGary Davison01-12-05  02:37 pm
Whats the max sps szetting possible?richard thompson09-02-04  10:03 pm
A axis problemsSupport09-20-04  05:49 pm
Problems with a sv-100 cardSupport10 09-09-04  01:50 pm
Minor DeskCNC Window Sizing BugPete Brown14 09-09-04  08:43 pm
How to use the Toolsetter?Pete Brown08-28-04  05:01 pm
Jog only moves .0002Kenneth Cardolino17 08-27-04  01:54 pm
Controller not detectedrichard thompson08-25-04  02:54 pm
Keyboard jog sticking?Tim Leech08-24-04  03:40 pm
HelpRICHARD VALITES08-31-04  12:14 am
Rapid movesSupport08-24-04  01:59 pm
SV-500 servo tunningSupport08-23-04  09:16 am
Recovering from a software-sent EStop in DeskCNCSupport08-22-04  08:35 pm
SV-500 error controlJure Spiler08-23-04  02:49 am
HelpJeremy Budgen09-02-04  11:02 pm
Backlash ProblemsMichael Siethoff10 09-02-04  11:22 am
"Could not send acceleration to controller" error on startupPete Brown08-20-04  07:00 pm
Firmware, SoftwareSupport08-11-04  11:23 pm
Controller 150ben 08-10-04  09:53 am
Helpvincent 08-01-04  06:21 pm
After adding new tool, you must exit to view new toolSupport08-21-04  02:49 pm
Switching between modes and keeping work in memoryEric Tauch07-31-04  12:05 am
Dynamic 3D view quits working after specific operationEric Tauch07-31-04  12:00 am
Way to bypass the "connect to controller" startup message?Support07-30-04  07:11 am
Can you compensate for the tool shank? - 3d surfacingSupport07-30-04  07:02 am
InformationSupport07-30-04  07:09 am
Deskcnc controller advisory firmware 1.50Pete Brown08-20-04  05:21 pm
Newbie - rapid collisions when running NC code checkingSupport07-28-04  09:11 am
Divide table helpSupport07-28-04  09:15 am
More on incomplete pocket, cant save configuration (?)Eric Tauch07-24-04  08:50 pm
DeskCNC wont complete this pocketEric Tauch07-25-04  03:47 am
SSR for spindle?Support10-03-04  05:47 pm
Can't get accuracies or repeatability...Support07-18-04  05:08 pm
DeskCNC 2.070 bugsSupport07-18-04  05:36 pm
Break Arcs into Lines (v2.0.0.69)Darrell07-20-04  01:51 am
Toolpathgeneration with multiple TasksSupport07-18-04  05:15 pm
How do you get the TLO function to work?Pete Brown12 08-29-04  09:58 pm
From GibbsCAM to DeskCNC?Support07-07-04  12:24 pm
Dynamic ViewSupport07-18-04  05:31 pm
Rendering .stl filesDarrell07-02-04  12:06 am
G53,G54 (DeskCNC v2.0.0.67)Support07-01-04  12:33 pm
Tool LengthsDarrell06-30-04  02:31 am
Servo controller boardSupport07-07-04  01:00 pm
Need help setting up deskcnc and taigweston koenigs06-22-04  05:33 pm
Controller connection questionSupport06-19-04  11:59 am
Pwm spindle speed controlRolquin Morales10 12-09-04  07:24 am
Using DeskCNC with an existing parallel port driver boxSupport09-11-04  12:44 pm
Stlwork capabilities in DeskCNCTony06-12-04  08:48 pm
Version 2.067 Release noticeSupport06-10-04  11:11 pm
Importing spline for toolingSupport06-10-04  04:54 am
Location of Profiles.dxfSupport06-01-04  01:03 pm
New Relay control capability in 2.063Support06-15-04  08:27 am
G65Support06-08-04  08:19 am
Consider this as a prerelease DeskCNC 2.063Tim Leech14 06-16-04  02:50 pm
Post File formatSRC 05-22-04  10:42 pm
4 Axis Step and Direction Controller w/serial interfaceSupport05-17-04  08:14 pm
Tool LibrarySupport05-14-04  03:06 pm
M99 Mogens Hansen05-25-04  06:02 am
How to get Absolute Arc center post to work?Support05-13-04  12:56 pm
MDI vs NC file vs Edit windowTimothy L Pickering10 06-10-04  06:25 pm
Computer freezingSupport05-13-04  01:35 pm
Video issues with DeskCNCSupport05-13-04  01:07 pm
Gcode helpvincent 06-05-04  09:24 am
Teapot.stl machining, DRO fails to refresh on finishing.Support05-13-04  10:49 pm
Decreasing step sizeJed 06-15-04  05:45 pm
Minimise Air Cut on Finishing?Support04-29-04  10:56 am
G-Code file to STL/DXF ?Tony10 05-22-04  01:51 am
3D rendering is all whiteSupport05-22-04  04:22 pm
Servo boardsSupport04-27-04  09:55 am
Feed RatesSupport05-13-04  01:55 pm
Probe goes up!Support05-13-04  01:51 pm
Interfacing with indexerSupport04-28-04  09:11 pm
Pricing For DeskCNC SV-500 Servo ControllerSupport04-09-04  03:51 pm
Increase torque?Jeremy Budgen04-20-04  04:06 pm
Setup for Sherline Mill with 4 axisSupport04-07-04  06:59 pm
Four axis machiningSupport04-07-04  06:49 pm
Board Stepper Driver, 4 axis, DeskCNC PinoutSupport04-03-04  11:19 am
Rotary axis control errorSupport04-29-04  03:35 pm
Cutting too much!Jim Strickland03-25-04  02:06 am
Newbie has lots o questions.Support27 06-08-06  09:19 am
Simple Use InstructionDave Fisher03-22-04  05:36 pm
Pause, estop etc.Support23 06-10-04  05:30 am
Engraving TextSupport24 05-13-04  02:00 pm
Servo Kit on my Taig mill working greatSupport10 04-18-04  06:45 am
Servo Kit Connector Part Numbers HereJon Ladd03-04-04  08:19 am
Circular grooves etc.support03-02-04  08:10 pm
Gerber filessupport19 03-02-04  10:42 am
Use DeskCNC with another machine support03-02-04  10:38 am
Multiple and EBL - servo board testing results.support03-02-04  10:08 am
Speed controlsupport03-01-04  04:57 pm
Welcome to the DeskCNC discussionsSupport56 04-11-04  09:44 am
Digitizing probeTerry S. Creasy23 05-23-05  04:03 pm
Problem with DeskART module of DeskCNCWayne Hill02-08-04  06:36 pm
Some ThingsJon Ladd02-08-04  12:26 pm
Backlash and dirty ball nutsDr Richard Stephen01-28-04  04:09 pm
Problems with Demo installWilliam Ray10-07-04  05:33 pm
Holding Tabssupport01-22-04  12:26 pm
Z cutting depthsupport01-13-04  01:57 am
Lathe support?Support04-18-04  06:52 am
Desk cnc slave axisSupport11 05-13-04  02:00 pm
G codeCarl Roesler12-30-03  09:44 pm
Tool changeCarl Roesler12-30-03  09:32 pm
Bmp to dxfF Hickli12-29-03  04:31 pm
Wiring Diagram for Power Supply Kit?JC 06-01-04  08:36 pm
Control board?support12-26-03  03:08 pm
Changing drill bits when drilling a PCBsupport12-26-03  12:35 pm
Wall profilesDavid Dixon12-22-03  05:17 pm
TP-100 ProbeDan Eiseman12-16-03  08:52 pm
Post processorRolquin Morales11-15-04  09:40 am
DeskCNCRuedi Vogel12-15-03  02:55 am
Selecting jog distanceAlvaro Fogassa12-14-03  02:07 am
Newbie in need of helpsupport12-13-03  07:06 pm
Problem With DsekcncDavid Dixon13 12-12-03  03:13 pm
Loading G-Codesupport12-06-03  04:23 pm
Software troubleSupport35 04-27-04  11:01 am
DeskCNC + AhhaSJohnson11-17-03  12:27 pm
Post Processor Setupsupport11-16-03  04:13 pm
Deskcnc + rutexSupport09-27-04  12:16 pm
IO errorsupport21 11-07-03  07:09 pm
Desk cnc 4th axis as slave to x, y or z axisjim nordquist11-07-03  01:53 pm
How to: from line segment to g02 g03support10-25-03  10:57 am
Splinesupport10-25-03  10:54 am
Inconsistent movementPhillip Judd10-23-03  04:32 pm
Cad capabilities?Phillip Judd10-23-03  02:54 pm
Current build?bryan bourgeois10-22-03  07:01 pm
SugestionPhillip Judd10-13-03  10:20 pm
Tool change pausessupport10-13-03  12:40 pm
Hardware advice from the vets pleasesupport10-11-03  05:08 pm
How to:Vector to DeskcncClyde Grindal10-01-03  01:17 pm
Backlash OffsetsJames Lloyd08-17-04  03:46 pm
JoggingLarry Nicks09-25-03  11:17 am
Engravingsupport10 09-19-03  06:59 pm
Pocket bug?support09-19-03  09:13 am
Lead in/outAlvaro Fogassa09-18-03  01:03 pm
Carvingsupport09-16-03  08:53 am
What is Home?support16 09-10-03  03:07 pm
Gcode HelpYT Kim09-10-03  12:37 pm
G41 support09-10-03  02:12 am
G28Alvaro Fogassa09-10-03  01:48 am
WCO, Tool Sensor Setup, misc.support09-07-03  07:11 pm
How to probe?support09-05-03  09:01 am
Helical Codesupport09-04-03  03:17 pm
Z-steps?support09-04-03  10:04 am
G-Codesupport09-03-03  09:51 am
Need help with wiring DeskCNC to Xylotex driver boardSupport04-10-06  05:07 pm
G54support08-13-03  10:06 pm
Contour Entries?support08-13-03  10:01 pm
RS232support08-12-03  03:38 pm
Hold down systemJerry10 08-07-03  01:04 am
Stepper jumperssupport29 08-06-03  11:13 am
Gerber Trouble?Ed Miles11 05-26-04  10:36 pm
Probing problemSupport02-12-05  09:21 am
Deskart / deskcncsupport07-26-03  11:00 am
Info and bug reports with build 2.0.025High Tech07-21-03  01:03 am
X axis but in 2.0.24Chris Reeder07-18-03  10:49 am
Bug reports discussion Build 2.0.023Admin18 07-17-03  06:03 pm
Automatic G92 on startupMike Trevarton07-16-03  11:30 pm
Combining operationssupport07-13-03  05:58 pm
DXFGary Davison35 08-30-04  09:24 pm
Finishing PassYT Kim15 07-11-03  12:16 am
Missing unitsaussiedude.11 07-10-03  02:31 am
Inputs and switchesaussiedude07-10-03  02:27 am
Zeroing Zsupport07-06-03  09:42 pm
Rising or Falling EdgeDr Richard Stephen07-03-03  04:35 pm
Limit Switch Troublesupport07-02-03  05:39 pm
Doing PCBssupport06-28-03  07:23 pm
Line Numberssupport06-17-03  10:05 pm
WISH-LIST of Laser PostProcessingYongTaek Kim06-15-03  12:21 pm
Acceleration QuirksChris Reeder06-13-03  06:42 pm
DeskCNC controller board sizeKevin06-13-03  02:19 pm
Declare As IslandKevin06-13-03  02:02 pm
System safetyCarl12 06-13-03  01:35 pm
Problems with build Kim06-11-03  09:05 pm
Ring Command in .STL Toolpath MenuKevin06-10-03  03:31 pm
PCB Board cut outPhillip Judd06-10-03  03:21 pm
Using USB port to controller/driver cardRon Thompson03-25-04  10:19 pm
Plasma cuttingsupport05-30-03  08:36 am
Deskam vs deskcnc?support05-27-03  05:09 pm
Problems with DeskCNC website?Tony Jeffree05-15-03  01:40 pm
Requirements For Plasma Cuttersupport05-08-03  08:21 pm
Newbie needs helpKevin04-23-03  10:40 am
Getting involvedsupport03-17-03  11:50 pm
Constant Contouringsupport02-15-03  09:20 pm
Out of memorysupport01-21-03  10:50 am
DeskCNC vs Vectorsupport12-09-02  08:29 pm
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