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DeskPCB - Economical printed circuit board CAM software for trace isolation milling and drilling.
DeskPCB Screen Shot




  • -Open Gerber II board trace files, including Traxmaster, Eagle, Ivex, Tango,

  • -Open Excellon drilling files.

  • -Read Drill definition files

  • -Select all or portions of the board for trace machining

  • -Mirror traces for top or bottom board orientation

  • -Rotate or move selected or all board geometry

  • -Dynamic Pan and Zoom

  • -Arc length, radius tolerances, linearity with tangent deviance

  • -Predefined drill table

  • -Mix drilling and milling within the same program.  Spotdrill holes with routing tool.

  • -Save toolpaths as DXF or G-code

  • -Convert Gerber geometry to DXF for use in other programs

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