DeskCNC TP-100
Probe and Toolsetter

DeskCNC  probe

DeskCNC  Tool Setter

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Both a Contact Probe and a Tool Setter.

  • Probe is 5 way triggered and has a long-wearing .079" (2 mm) diameter, ruby tip.

  • Rated for 10,000,000 points at 20,000 points per hour when used with DeskCNC software.

  • DeskCNC software comes ready for the probe and tool length setting.  Works with other Controllers that have probe input capabilities such as MaxNC, TurboCNC, EMC, Mach2

  • With the TP100 and DeskCNC machine controller, you can scan 3D surfaces and create machinable, 3D .Stl files.

  • Automatic tool length measurement and setting.

  • Easy to convert from contact probe to tool setter. 

  • Tool setter has hardened and ground, tool steel contact surface.

  • Certificate of accuracy included:
    Roundness less than .001in error
    Diameter less than .001in error
    Repeatability deviation less than .001 in

  • Six foot Shielded cable included.

  • Standard touch probe output

  • 3/8 and 10mm shank for use in desktop mills

  • Interchangeable Stylus, additional tips and extensions available

  • Comes packaged in individual box with all hardware needed for contact probing or tool setting, instructions for converting between probe and tool setter, and maintenance instructions.

Scan with small probe to capture small detail, use the DeskCNC STL machining CAM to Rough and finish with different sized tools.  NO NEED TO SCAN AND CUT WITH THE SAME SIZE TOOL.  Convert to tool setter when not using as a probe.

Also works with other CNC controllers that support N/C switch probe input.

3D contact probe

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