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CNC probe tp-100Precision touch probe for 2D or 3D digitizing and edge, top, and center finding. Used with CNC machines to record position data upon contact with a targeted object.  Toolsetter and centerable shank probes also available
Made in USA
acme threaded rod
Acme Rod and Nuts
Made in USA.  
1/2 and 3/8 diameters for desktop sized machines. 5/8 - 1.25 diameters for larger machines. Matching nuts in steel, brass, bronze and Delrin.
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Desktop CNC Routers

12 x 12 and 12 x 24 Desktop CNC routers 
Starting at $1995


CNC ready Sherline Miniature Tabletop Machines

Sherline 5400CNC mill with ServosSherline 4000CNC lathe with Servos




Cad-Cam and Controller Software

Servo based CNC Control Systems and Kits for Benchtop Sized Machines

DeskCNC Cam and Controller SoftwareCNC Machine controller and Cam, including PCB, HPGL, DXF, STL, Graphics machining




IMService has 3 controller models to accommodate different computer operating systems, different computer ports, and different controller software programs.          Check out the differences here 
OS options include Linux, DOS, and Windows operating systems (from Win98 to WinXP to Vista), parallel, serial, or USB ports, compatible with DeskCNC, Mach3, TurboCNC, EMC, CNCPro, CNCZeus control software. 

Mach3 Machine controller software for parallel port

Parallel port machine controller




Our Systems and Kits use Servo Motors made by Globe Motors in Dayton OH, USA, 
SheetCam Cam software2 axis CAM for CNC Mill, router, plasma, laser 




You can purchase assembled and wired Systems bundled with plug and play cables, motors, power supply, electronics, switches & lights.

The Kits that we offer include the same motors, cables and electronics, but are not assembled, wired, and tested. 

probe scanning target = leopardOur inexpensive Surface scanning contact probes, accurately scan and measure tool lengths.

We offer a turnkey Servo, CNC retrofit for the Seig X2 mini-mill.

an automated, mechanical tool changer system for the Sherline spindle. 
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Many of the components used in the production of our systems, kits, and machines are available to those who want to build their own CNC machines.  Some of the CNC Machine Components items that are available:
  • V-wheels, bushings, and track
  • Electronics
  • Power supply components
  • Cables
  • Assembled Z-slides
  • Machine Enclosures
  • Relays
  • Spindles
  • Dust brush


Machining, CNC CadCam programming, and similar tools, which we feel are some of the best values available today, are presented on these pages.

Low Cost Cad Cam for CNC. The best Cad/Cam in the world.

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